Lamont Vineland School Readiness Initiative

Preparing Children for Kindergarten, College, and Career…


Program Overview

The Lamont Vineland School Readiness Program works to ensure that every child and family who enters Kindergarten in the Lamont and Weedpatch communities is prepared to be successful throughout Kindergarten and on to College and Career. We do this through providing service in five key areas to the community:

·         Center Based Activities target children who are not in pre-school to help them attain the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills they will need as they enter Kindergarten.

·         General Family and Home Based Support help parents and children set and reach goals for Kindergarten readiness, and provide the support and assistance necessary to ensure the family is successful in life and in preparing for school entry.

·         Parent Education assists parents in acquiring specific skills they will need as children enter and continue in school. This includes a curriculum based parenting classes, nutrition education, and education on specific topics such as immunizations, lead poisoning, car seat use, and others.

·         Kindergarten Transition activities focus on the three to four months prior to Kindergarten in a focused and deliberate preparation of children for Kindergarten entry in August. This includes Open Houses, Kinder Play days on school sites, and Kindergarten Bridge for children with no or little Pre-K experience.

·         School Articulation works with teachers, school staff and administrators, local pre-schools and child care, and other community stake holders to assist schools in becoming ready for children, and agencies and pre-schools in preparing children for school entry.