Programs and Services

We invite you to learn more about the programs and services offered by the Lamont Weedpatch Family Resource Center by clicking on links below:

  • South Valley Neighborhood Partnership – Lamont Weedpatch Collaborative facilitates coordination and collaboration among the organizations, agencies, and public institutions that serve the Lamont and Weedpatch Communities in order to ensure that services and programs are responsive to the community and meet the needs of the residents.
  • One-Stop Resources and Referrals provides assistance to residents with accessing services they need to help their family overcome barriers to success, including application assistance for public programs, referrals to partner agencies, and assistance locating needed services. 
  • Family Support Services works with families to help them set and reach goals for family success and stability through parent education, case management, and linkage services. 
  • Nutrition Education Program The Nutrition Education Program is working toward improving the health status of low-income residents through increased fruit and vegetable consumption and daily physical activity. Multiple venues are used to facilitate behavior change in the homes, schools, worksites, and the community to create environments that support fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity. 
  • Pre-Kindergarten Academy provides high-quality, academics-focused early childhood education to children age 3 and 4 in order to help them gain the necessary skills to succeed in school and begin the process of preparing for college and career.
  • Lamont Vineland School Readiness Initiative provides family support, early childhood education, and Kindergarten transition assistance to help ensure that every child in Lamont and Weedpatch enters school ready to learn. 
  • Community Support and Events. The LWFRC leads and participates in a number of community events designed to assist the community and community members in a variety of ways.