For Employees

Community Agreements

1) Communicate activities, events, deadlines, schedule changes, and other important information to others in your team, as well as across FRC teams. 

2) Ask before you assume something about another person or their thoughts or needs. 

3) Take care of your job responsibilities and ensure that others have what they need from you when they need it.

4) Follow up with other staff about requests, referrals, outcomes and items that you need to know more about. 

5) Be respectful to everyone (clients, coworkers, community) in all situations. 

6) Be professional with other staff and clients, regardless of how you are with them outside of the workplace. 

7) Work as a team by coordinating efforts, being supportive, watching out for other staff and their needs, and helping others when you can. 

8) Have a positive attitude when you arrive at work, and keep it throughout the day. 

9) Be flexible, try to accommodate other staff and program needs.

10) Try to better ourselves and our team by attending trainings and learning from/teaching/ training other staff when possible. 

11) Be respectful of others’ time and needs to get their work done.

12) Be open minded and willing to listen to and consider other people’s ideas, issues, suggestions, and requests. 

13) Check the FRC Staff Bulletin Board online regularly to make sure it is updated and to keep yourself aware of what is happening in the FRC. 

14) Make time for each other and make building the FRC community a priority. 

15) Hold each other accountable for sticking to our community agreements. 

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