Nutrition Classes

The Six-Session Nutrition and Cooking Class consists of lessons that go over the nutritional guidelines for Americans and the new MyPyramid food guide. You will learn how to cook delicious healthy meals for your family.

Session 1- Using Loving Your Family – Feeding Their Future as a guide, participants will learn how to access the MyPyramid web site to print out a personalized food guide plan for themselves and their loved ones. We encourage healthy habits that consist of balance and moderation in your diet as well as plenty of physical activity.

Session 2 – Focus on fruits and vegetables. Participants will learn why fruits and vegetables are so healthy, the daily recommended amounts, and how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. They will also assist in preparation of healthy recipes that include fruits and vegetables.

Session 3 – This lesson focuses on the bread and grain group. Participants will learn about the health benefits of balanced meals and using whole grains in their daily diet. They will also receive tips on how to prepare meals using whole grains and learn how to read a nutrition fact label.

Session 4 – Participants will learn about choosing lean meats and supplement their diet with lean proteins such as beans and fish. They will also assist in preparing a dish that uses lean protein such as a delicious chili using turkey.

Session 5 – Food Safety and Dairy Group. Participants will learn about proper food storage and how to prevent food borne illnesses. They will also learn about the importance of dairy products in their diet and how to incorporate low fat dairy foods into their meals.

Session 6 - Graduation/Celebration

Please register to attend one of our classes by calling Yvette at 845-2724